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fimmtudagur, október 06, 2005 

Spoken with a high pitched cheery voice

You see, I was thinking the other day, which happens surprisingly often since I began studying at Háskóli Íslands, that I am in the need for a new pair of trousers. Now, of course I could just be like ordinary people and go the shopping mall Kringla. There a fairly nice chap by the name of Emil, with whom I have often played a friendly soccer match, would greet me and direct me to Jack and Jones' wonderful selection of pants. I'd pick one, try it out, and if I was satisfied, by it. Of course I would have to pay a lot of money, which I'm not entirely keen on doing. Instead I'm going to London. Maybe get one of those new Patek watches. -Cheerio!

Skrifað af Jóni Emil -